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Bailey Zimmerman is a twenty one year old singer/songwriter born and raised in the small town of Louisville, IL. Growing up, Zimmerman’s father owned a trucking business and the two of them would listen to hour after hour of country radio on long hauls across state lines. Back at home, Bailey’s mom instilled in him a life-long appreciation for the power chords and edgy vocals of 80’s hair rock. At the age of sixteen, Zimmerman got his first job at the local meat processing plant and hasn’t stopped working since. From long hours on the gas pipeline, to late nights of backbreaking roadwork, Bailey embodies the old school American values of a hard work and dependability. Zimmerman applies the same steadfast mentality to his music. Through his plainspoken charm, contagious enthusiasm and genuine portrayal of life on the back roads, Bailey has amassed a following of over three hundred thousand loyal tik tok fans. His breakout single “Never Comin’ Home” was characterized by the straightforward authenticity for which he is known and loved. His second release “Small Town Crazy” is a hometown tribute, summer anthem and drinking song, delivered in the grit and gravel of Zimmerman’s unmistakably Southern drawl. Bailey is co-managed by Simon Tikhman/Chief Zaruk of The Core Entertainment and Chris Nilsson/Scott Frazier of 10th St Entertainment.

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