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Cameron Byfield began his journey with music when he was just 8 years old. After being gifted his first guitar, he felt a sense of comfort, as if music was meant to be a part of him. He began writing poetry, which later turned into songs. By the time he was 15, he began to take music much more seriously. From playing gigs, teaching himself multiple other instruments and writing full songs, he decided take his passion and share it with everyone. 
 “Music is a universal language that has proven itself to be therapeutic. I have been through some difficult times, and music has always been my curing drug of choice. I have found my passion in writing, and sharing my stories with those who want to/need to hear them. It has been said that it’s better to express your feelings, rather than bottle them inside. My goal has not only been to do this for myself, but for those who don’t have a voice, platform, or way to express their own feelings. Knowing there’s always someone who can empathize with a situation, will make anyone feel less alone. I strive to be that platform, that voice for those who need it. Whether the stories be happy, romantic, or sad, it will forever be comforting to know it is relatable. This can be done through the power of music.”

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