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The balance between traditional sounds and contemporary themes is evident in Carlton Anderson’s music. Originally from Cypress, Texas, Anderson grew up on sports and the other Texas pastime: music. His inspiration came from Willie Nelson , George Strait and a long line of musical mavericks who transcended borders. The family mantra was “go to work, or go to war,” but Anderson, who cut his teeth playing honky tonks and dancehalls after high school graduation, had other aspirations. He moved to Nashville to attend college and follow his dream. He was the first to graduate college in his family, but he learned the ropes through hard work, practice and paying his dues in Texas. He focused on “connecting” with his audience, playing songs they wanted to hear along with ones he’d grown up with and written himself. It wasn’t long before the industry took notice and he was signed to a publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music. Carlton soon began to make a name for himself as a songwriter in Nashville landing cuts with Cody Johnson and Tim McGraw among others. He gained a reputation for his steadfast belief in authenticity before trends. “If I’ve lived it, I can sing about it,” he said. “If I haven’t lived it, I’m not a good faker.”

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