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Presley Phillips grew up on a dairy in Hempstead, Texas. She has always had a passion for music and known that music would one day be a huge part of her life. “I’ve been singing since I was little, I remember the first few songs I wrote were about my dad’s milk cows” says Presley. In 2018 she finally found the right words and soon came out with her debut single “Love and Bad Habits”. Shortly after releasing “Love and Bad Habits” she released “Last Rodeo” as her second single. “I honestly just have to go with my gut right now when it comes to releasing songs. I have to be true to who I am and just hope that people will love and appreciate me for me.” Music is a huge part of her life and she wants to be able to share all of her stories, the good and the bad. Her songs are real life, she doesn’t hold anything back. “If I have just one person who reaches out to me to tell me that my song helped them get through a hard time in their life, I feel like my music is doing its job. I want to be real with my fans, if I have a story to tell I’m not going to sugarcoat it.” she says. She’s constantly trying to grow as an artist and give her fans the best version of herself that she can.

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