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Songwriter, picker, pianist from Nashville, TN. For lovers of John Prine, CCR, and storytelling. Quotes: Honky Tonk Hell isn’t just a great record. It verifies that Gabe Lee will be one of the next great artists in country and roots music that we’ll hopefully be hearing plenty from and enjoying for years to come. -Saving Country Music Despite the sardonic album title, Gabe Lee’s Honky Tonk Hell is full of rough-around-the-edges country songs that you’d love to hear come on any bar’s jukebox. But it’s got a helluva lot of soul too. “Emmylou” starts off as a heartbreak tune and ends up at an accurate portrayal of depression. “Babylon” sees Lee channeling Dylan by way of the War on Drugs, capturing the bittersweet triumph of getting sober and growing up. And while Lee’s got the balls to directly call out “phony-ass country songs” made in his hometown of Nashville, it’s not completely necessary — the music does all the talking for him. — Rolling Stone Country “A start nonetheless, as opposed to the finished result of where Gabe Lee is headed once he takes his incredible knack for songwriting, and combines it with a musical style and sense of timing that is tailored all to his own. You hear the brilliance, and get excited about what Gabe Lee could build on from here, while still enjoying these moments in their raw, unfettered form” -Saving Country Music on Farmland

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