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Taylor began singing, writing, & playing guitar at a very early age. She won the Texas State Colgate Country Showdown in 2010, & her love for entertaining & being on stage was ignited very quickly as she opened for some of her favorite Texas artists such as The Randy Rogers Band, Wade Bowen, Jon Wolfe, & more. That same year, she traveled to Nashville to record with the her producer, Trey Matthews, & enjoyed her first co-writing sessions with Trey & Danny Green (known for his hit with Stapleton, Fire Away). She earned a great deal of radio play& interviews in Texas, & played some of her favorite venues around the Coastal Bend, like Brewster Street Icehouse. Taylor attended Texas A&M University, & after graduation, she decided to follow her heart & passion for music by making Nashville her home. She created friendships with many talented writers & musicians, co-wrote countless songs, played regularly in writers’ rounds, & learned more than she imagined possible. Her soulful voice & unique lyrics draw music lovers to her live shows & sessions on social media. Taylor's voice has been described as, "mesmerizing", "fierce and soulful", & "strong with a good raspy country sound" by various music bloggers. She returned to Texas in 2020 & is preparing to release a full record. The first single premiered in March of 2021, & the long awaited & her most successful release to date, "Bigger Than Texas", premiered in July along with an acoustic music video & acoustic release.

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