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John Teague grew up in a family of farmers, saddle makers, construction workers and veterans. His blue-collar background taught him the value of hard work and the rewards that come from personal accomplishment. John—who runs a working ranch and construction company in his hometown of Winnie, TX with his wife—is also an Army veteran, having served a four-year stint that included a life-changing tour of duty in Iraq. The Teague Brothers Band's 2019 debut album Harvest Day earned widespread acclaim from critics and fans, and the tracks "Coyote" and "Fingers and Thumbs" became surprise regional hits. On the Teague Brothers Band's new single “American Folk Song” John's emotionally precise songwriting explores the trials and triumphs of real life. While songwriting has earned John a reputation as one of the Lone Star state's most skilled young artists, the Teague Brothers Band have earned the loyalty of fans thru high-energy live performances. "We love playing music people can dance to, but we also do stuff that's less dancy and a little more rock 'n' roll," Teague asserts. "We fit in in dancehalls and in larger concert venues, but also play in listening-room settings with just me and the fiddle player. At this point, we can fit in anywhere and just kill it." Teague and his bandmates are looking forward to getting back on the road and building on their prior successes. "I take a lot of pride in what we're doing," Teague concludes, " and I don't give up easy."

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