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Behind the life & Music: Jake Clark

Today we would like to introduce you to Jake Clark

We have had the pleasure of getting to know Jake Clark who has just released his new single "Last Time"this past December. We have been soaking up every ounce of the outstanding music he is producing. He is a great fit for our Behind the Life & Music series, because he is one of those guys that has a passion to create authentic music that people can relate to. He has a unique sound and tone of voice that always catches our ears, engaging us with every word that is spoken. The sky is the limit for Jake Clark and his band members Zach Ehrhart (drums) and Colton Minson (vocalist/guitarist). They have great opportunities ahead of them, and we are looking forward to seeing them accomplish great things in the music industry.


Well I was born in Carroll County Arkansas and then moved to Seneca, Mo. where I was raised my whole life up until now.  (Currently live in Seneca, Mo.) I was always fascinated by music of all kinds. I would listen to a song over and over until I memorized the whole thing so I could sing it word for word. So my love and passion for music has been with me my entire life. I taught myself to play guitar when I was 13. I use to rodeo when I was young so I was riding bulls and playing music around the same time so ultimately I enjoyed the western lifestyle and country music thing. So I started playing and writing at a young age and it just progressing where I started playing a few gigs which led to my first band when I got out of high school. Since then I’ve released 2 albums and 2 singles that’s I’m pretty proud of. I write all the time and look forward to whatever the future holds.

Who are you inspired by?

I would say my biggest influencer would be my family. They are a huge part of my life as well as my music. They support me 100 percent 

What is your musical history? (When did you first start playing music)

I taught myself to play guitar when I was 13. That’s when I first started writing as well.

What's the biggest problem you have had to overcome? 

I think everybody has some sort of trials and tribulations in their life. Im just fortunate enough to have an outlet life music to use as  tool from them.

If you could change anything about the industry what would it be?

I would say don’t be so hard on the little guys. The industry is so packed with talent. I mean it’s everywhere you go. If they would just take a little more time to not knock the lesser known guys with no connections down, I think they (the industry) might be pleasantly surprised.

What is one venue you dream of playing?

There are several but for me I would have to say the Ryman in Nashville and Larry Joe Taylor Fest in Stephenville, Texas.

Are you working on any new music?

I just released a new single called “Last Time” on December 15th. It is available online everywhere. 

Listen to His music

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