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Cameron Sacky Band: Time Has Told

One of the greatest things about Red Dirt country music is the ability it gives are artists to express their music through a raw unpolished sound that doesn’t require an endless budget to sound good. Time and time again we discover new artists in the scene that have gone a long way by simply working with the little they have. That is why this week’s Underdog is a band that made so much with what they had, the Cameron Sacky Band. This band is cutting their teeth into the scene bringing an original sound that sets the perfect mood with heavy relic reverb, a unique voice, and melodies that fans can’t help but sway to.

Shaped out of San Marcus, the Cameron Sacky band is made up of lead singer and guitar player Cameron Sacky from Corpus Christi, Texas, lead guitarist from Houston, Texas, Mazen Lee, drummer from New Braunfels, Texas, Bruce Ortiz, and bassist Cris Martinez. Having little money and equipment to work with, the band made their debut into the Texas scene in March of 2019 with their five-song self-titled EP that was recorded in a small apartment while attending their first semester at Texas State University. Working with the little they had sure paid off for the band as the EP made quite the debut featuring two hit songs, “Nothin’ on You,” and “Bittersweet Babe” that bought in millions of streams across major music platforms. With respect gained in the Texas Music Scene, and listeners rooting for these young Underdogs, the only thing left was to keep the wheels turning.

While 2019 reached the hottest day of an August summer, the Cameron Sacky Band took the opportunity to get one more single – “Telephone” – out to close off the year and set the pace for the year to come. It was no surprise that the single got the same buzz, got millions of streams, and ended up on Texas Country music charts. The band ended the year with more than 390 thousand streams and 79 thousand listeners on Spotify alone. In early 2020 the band would give us the first glimpse of the album they were working towards with the single “Head Up in the Clouds,” then in September they would give us one last peak with their single “Down Again”

After a long two-year wait after the band made their debut in the Texas Music scene, on April 23rd, 2021 the band finally released their ten-song debut album “Time Only Tells” featuring their hit songs “Halfway to Houston” and “Diamonds.” With this album, things have come full circle since recording their self-titled EP in a small San Marcus apartment. Things have only gotten bigger, and bigger since then, and the numbers just seem to be going uphill. After their first self-titled EP, three singles, and their debut album “Time Only Tells” the band ended 2021 with 2 million streams and 229 thousand listeners.

The band is finding themselves on bigger stages across Texas, opening for very well-respected artists. They just continue to gain more fans and find themselves on more Texas country music charts. These Underdogs are yet another perfect example that it doesn’t take anything more than talent, determination, and a perfect vibe to make a name in the scene. It will be exciting to see how these guys continue to bring on good music by just being authentic as they get older.

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