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Celsey Braddock: Stockyards Loaded With Talent

Today we would like to introduce Celsey Braddock...

A few weekends ago we were out and about in the stockyards of Fort Worth, Texas attending an event at Billy Bob's. After our event, we decided to bar hop around the stockyards we ended up finding a bar and watching the end of a football game, almost as soon as the game was over we heard some phenomenal live music coming from the bar next door, The Thirsty Armadillo. There were plenty of amazing artists that night that we got to meet and learn about, but one stuck out in particular, Celsey Braddock. Braddock is an outstanding individual from Grand Prairie, Texas who now lives in Kennedale, Texas.

The first thing we noticed about Celsey was the fact that she was able to have every set of eyes locked on her no matter what was going on. If there were people playing beer pong or having other conversations, everyone would stop to watch. Her voice literally gave Reed (CU Founder) & I chills. She has a special quality with the way she sings and portrays herself on stage that makes listening to her unforgettable.

Celsey gives a lot of credit and praise to Taylor Swift and Charla Corn, who have been some of the more predominant influencers in her life with learning how to write music and have a stage presence.

“I have been singing since I was able to put words together at a young age.”

After getting to know Celsey she has a clear and passionate message for why she chooses to live the life she does. She believes that her main goal in pursuing a music career is to help others make a connection with her music. Secondly, she wants to make females in the Texas music scene more common. Celsey has heaps of potential and passion that goes along with the music she covers, and especially with the songs that she writes. So to all of our readers and followers, whenever you happen to be out in the Stockyards you never know what you'll stumble upon like us at Country Underdog did with Celsey Braddock. There are so many unrecognized artists out in the world and it's our dream to help make theirs a reality.

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Look forward to Celsey blessing us with an EP in the near future, cuz this girl will be known.


| Preston Rackley

| Country Underdog Writer

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