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Clint Roberts Debut Album “Rose Songs”

Clint Roberts is one of my favorite new artists that we have covered in recent memory. He had some of the most intelligent lyricism in today’s music. Shoot, my buddy and I spent an hour deciphering his song Nero’s Waltz. Come to find out he went to school with our good friend Jack Marion and from what we’ve heard, Clint is a genius. It shows in his music, and this new song Carolina Moon is no exception.

This is a complete album from start to finish but our favorite new song not previously released as a single is “Carolina Moon”.

In this song Clint pairs brilliant songwriting with flashes of a hopeless romantic side, heartbreak, and a beautiful melody.

Rose Songs Track List:

1. Nero’s Waltz

2. The Drifter

3. Nothing Left To Say

4. Just Like Heaven

5. Medicine

6. Annabelle

7. Amarillo

8. Broken Horns

9. Chrysalis

10. Carolina Moon

11. Nero’s Waltz – Acoustic

12. The Drifter – Acoustic

Clint Roberts Releases New Song Carolina Moon

Click to stream “Carolina Moon”

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