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Cody Tucker: The Honky-Tonk Hippie

Cody Tucker is somewhat of an unknown artist. By that we mean most people have never heard of him. That means most people don't know the fun loving, hard-working, authentic, and talented guy that we know after interviewing him. So here's the Cody Tucker story.

He was born outside of Waco, Texas in a town called Axtell. He loves to fish (His Instagram knows). Growing up his dad always played acoustic guitar around the house and everywhere else so naturally Cody was drawn to it. He started teaching himself cords on the acoustic guitar and by the age of 13 he had an electric guitar too. With those tools and the love for music he started writing songs. Towards the end of high school and after graduation he was in a small band while also working at a gas station. His music playing days came to a halt when he joined the military and his son was born a few months after that. Throughout his time in the army he wanted to play music.

"When music is in your blood, its just running all through your body, it's everywhere"

and we are going to quote Green day's Billie Armstrong (Yes Green Day),

"Music to me is the air I breathe it's the blood that pumps through my veins that keeps me alive”.

Cody didn't know what to do without music in the army. Ideally he said he wanted to be in the military and have some songs out there for people to listen to, then if the songs caught on big then he would go start a career. So when he got to go home on a break he went into Sphinson Recording Studios and recorded a few demos, but after mixing they weren't what he wanted for his sound. So back to the military he went. Back to no music.

Cody would eventually leave the military on medical retirement which meant he got to play and maybe even put out some music. He then moved to Austin to play and write music full time. He got together with Eric Mckinney to start putting out songs. "Bar Room Time" was the first single and he just released "That's Just Me", and "Honky Tonk Hippies". Which are BANGERS.

"I paid for cozies, cds, packaging, all that and sent them to everyone and their mother across Texas, to be honest I didn't have high expectations", said Cody.

Cody Tucker, The Honky-Tonk Hippie we have dubbed him (Cringy laughter ensues) has been a relatively unknown artist most people have never heard of. That is quickly changing though due to being backed by many people and organizations, to name a few; Eric Mckinney, us (Country Underdog), DopeCuzWeSaid, and last but not least family. A little about his manager, Eric Mckinney (Owner of Wonderland Studios) is an in-demand engineer/producer, creative songwriter/composer, multi-instrumentalist/programmer, artist consultant and manager. He has worked with top Texas artists touring with Mark Mckinney and the Cosmic Cowboys opening up for Randy Rodgers, Kevin Fowler, Wade Bowen, Cross Canadian Ragweed and more. He has been credited as a producer, engineer or studio musician on well over 500+ projects. Thats a great guy to have as a manager... In the music business it is all about who you know, who knows you, and how people know you it is by connecting with people so you can connect with their souls. Musically of course.

Right after Cody released his first single "Bar Room Time", THE Aaron Watson posted a video on Instagram listening to it. Amazing. I think anyone not living under a rock would be able to see that Cody is in pretty good company. He has been shouted out by Dopecuzwesaid which primarily focuses on hip hop and r&b so that is really cool that they notice the talent Cody has. We surely do, and we think you will too.


Listen to Cody, In August he will be in the studio recording his first EP.

Written by Reed McDonald

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