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Dylan Westmoreland Is Releasing ‘Wrong Way In A One Way’ & More

Dylan Westmoreland has been cooking up some new tunes, starting with ‘Wrong Way In A One Way’ coming to your ears January 28th

Originally just announcing the upcoming release of a new single, ‘Wrong Way In A One Way’, in a short conversation I had with Dylan he broke news of even more to come…

Dylan:"Wrong Way In A One Way" is the first single off of the upcoming 8 track Album “Take Me Home”. This album will tell a story of a man who has been away from home for to long and has came back. Him not realizing the inner Demons he is facing alone is pushing away the ones who care for him the most. Through out the album we will see the progression of anxieties, depression, loss, realization, anger and hope. “Wrong Way In A One Way” will be the third song on the album and tells a story of him realizing that the wrong path he has chosen has started to drive away the ones he loves. His goal is to get back on the right path but the album will tell the rest.


Check out Dylan’s Artist Page HERE

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