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Red Rooster Reviews: We have got a great one for you guys today. This one warrants a little back story first. A two for one if you will. Anyways, we contacted Gannon Fremin and CCREV after listening to the TWO songs they have on Spotify. If you go give them a listen you will understand why that needed to be in caps. It also explains why we contacted them hungry for some more material. They were more than happy to explain who they are.


These guys got started in 2016 under the band name Cross County Revenue (CCREV). This band consisted of Tyler McCartney on drums, Wade Cartwright on bass, Travis Julian on guitar, and Gannon Fremin on vocals. In 2017, they released an EP under CCREV called “Underage”. Since then, they have only released a very small handful of singles... but have opened for Mike and the Moonpies, Parker McCollum, Read Southall Band, No Justice, and several others.

Music Review

Looking at some of the big names they have opened for, they fit right in with this genre we are so attracted to. Lead vocals are right on point. Smooth with a rock drop off doesn’t quite sum up the excellence. The band does a great job bringing it all together. There just isn’t a song I can point out that I don’t like. The only bad thing is, we are up in the air as to when we will get some new jams from these guys. From what I got from our conversation, they are looking to perfect their art before releasing it. It shows in the tracks they’ve allowed us to hear for sure. All we can do is sit back and wait. In the meantime, rock out to what we have and maybe it’ll provoke a few more singles to be released quicker.

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