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It's Time We All Know Hayden Haddock

There is an exciting, young, up-and-coming artist that Texas Red Dirt country music fans need to know about, and his name is Hayden Haddock. The 22-year-old rising Red Dirt singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas is quickly solidifying his spot as a staple in the Texas Country scene with music that holds true to the traditional, authentic style of country music that Texas Red Dirt country music fans are feen of. With songs gaining millions of streams across major music platforms that have reached the Top 10 in on The Texas country charts, more than 100 tour dates lined up per year, and an ambitious nature, Haddock is reinforcing his spot in the scene more each and everyday. This young artist has hit the ground running and his feet has not stop moving since and with his new single “Better Than Your Memory” it’s time we learned more about who Haddock is, what shaped his sound, how he got his career to where it is now, and what the future for him may look us he makes his mark into the scene.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Hayden Haddock first picked up the guitar when he was 14-years-old after going to an Eric Church concert. About 5 years later, as a freshman at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, a girl curious to know who the talented guy behind the door was, knocked on his apartment door. Haddock trying to shy away from the situation like he normally would, the girl, along with help of his roommates, talked young Haddock into singing and playing guitar in front of her. Meanwhile, his roommate pretended to walk off but instead caught a video of him playing and leaked it for others to see just how talented Haddock is. After sharing his talent with the girl, the idea led him to play his first show a month later. Enjoying the feeling of performing and with the good response he obtained from the crowd after his first show, the idea of pursuing a career in the Texas Country music scene was then sparked.

As Haddock juggled classes as a Construction Science student at Texas A&M University during the day and a rising Texas Country performing singer-songwriter during the night, his diligent nature kicked in as he worked overtime to chase his Honky Tonk dream. Building a team for success on May 5th, 2018 Haddock was added to Revive 45 talent agency’s roster who would help the young artist with booking spots in bigger venues that would gain Haddock more fans. With a strong team and with fans waiting it was time for Haddock to make his debut into the scene with his own original music. Haddock being a big fan of the 90’s country sound with influence from artists such as George Strait, Eric Church, Cody Johnson, Jon Pardi and Clay Walker, it was only fitting that Haddock’s original music followed the path of the traditional, authentic country sound.

With a plan in mind, Haddock headed down to Luminous Sound studio in Dallas, Texas to record a 7 song album titled “First Rodeo”. The album was produced by 3 time Grammy award winning producer Tre Nagella and was Haddocks debut into the Red Dirt scene on December 12th of 2018. Haddock’s debut was filled with traditional instrumentations and lyrics that build the image of the young artist while setting the standard that his fans could hold him to. This debut was only the beginning for the young artist but it created the perfect moment that Haddock need to start his career. The undeniable talent turned more heads, gained him more fans, put him on more stages while he landed his music on radio stations.

Haddock having no time to sit around waiting on things to happen and only asking himself what he could do better next time, in 2019 he took on Nashville, Tennessee going into OMNIsound studio to put together a new single. On November 19th, 2019 he released his single “Red Dirt Texas” that was produced by Trent Willmon and co-written with David Lee Murphy, Kevin Fowler, and Terry McBride that reiterated the fact that Hayden Haddock was here to make Texas Red Dirt Country music. For Haddock this was only the start of his relationship with Trent Willmon – who successfully launched careers of red dirt staple artist such as Cody Johnson – as he would go on to signing Haddock as his flagship management client under Forge Management. Haddock’s relationship with Trent Willmon led to his sophomore album released on January 31st, 2020 titled “Red Dirt Texas” after his prior released single.

Haddock's sophomore album consisted of 10 songs singing lyrics accompanied by authentic instrumentation about anything from love and heartbreak to a southern way of living. The album featured 5 songs co-writing by Haddock and chart-topping writers such as Trent Willmon, Kevin Fowler, David Lee Murphy, Terry McBride, Tommy Karlas, John Pierce, Jim Collins, and more. The album also made a huge impact in the young artist's career as it had songs such as “Honky Tonk On” that reached Top 10 on The Texas country charts and earned him a spot on Spotify’s Texas Music Now. The songs racked up more than 2 million Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music streams and received more than 1 millions views on YouTube.

Haddock success became more apparent everyday landing him in some of the best venues in Texas; sharing the stage with successful known artists such as Casey Donahew, Kevin Fowler, Roger Creager, Randell King, Kyle Park, the Eli Young Band, and more, it wasn’t long before he grabbed the attention Red 11’s booking agency. On September 30th, 2020 Haddock announced that he signed a deal with the leading red dirt booking agency, Red 11 under booking agent Geoff Turner. Now having a team that consisted of direct artist management Trent Willmon with Forge Management and booking agency Red 11 under Geoff Turner Haddock he was well on his way to be the next big thing. Haddock followed up the new and exciting news by releasing his single “Wind It Down” on October 15th, 2021. Additionally, he also recently released another single “Better Than Your Memory” on February 4th, 2022 as he writes toward a follow-up record.

In the course of the four years since Haddock made his debut in the Texas country music scene in 2018, Haddock has racked up millions of streams across all major platforms; has had two single reach Top 10 on Texas country charts; landed a spot in Spotify’s Texas Music Now; has been named 2021 New Male Vocalist of the Year at the Texas Regional Radio Report Awards; has had a music video make a world premiere on Billboard that mounted to 450k views across all platforms, and stayed true to his Texas roots by signing a partnership with award-winning Texas based distillery, Texas Ranger Whiskey. Haddock has also made multiple television appearance such as ABC Dallas’ Good Morning Texas, CBS Austin’s We Are Austin, FOX 7 Austin’s Music In The Morning, San Antonio’s Great Day SA, Colorado’s Good Morning Vail, Las Vegas’ MORE FOX5, WSMV’s Today In Nashville, and CBS Bryan-College Station’s KBTX Free Music Friday. Being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 8, the young artist has also found a way to use his talent to give back to the community by working with several organizations to help spread awareness of the disease and is an advocate/speaker for JDRF.

When he’s not juggling classes and tour dates, Haddock is an avid outdoorsman spending his time hunting, fishing and putting his Treager grill to use. With 2 albums and 2 singles, one of which just very recently came out – “Better Than Your Memory” – Hayden Haddock is earning a spot in Texas country music fans’ playlist. This guy has got a heart of gold like an Aggie ring, talent beyond anticipation, and is about as Texan as they come. If you haven’t Haddock yet, it’s time you do. Stream his new single “Better Than Your Memory” now and find out when he’s coming to a venue near you.

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