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James Pierce: Records on the Shelf Review

There is nothing in the world that excites me more than good, new music. So when James Pierce reached out to me to listen to his new EP I jumped at the chance! Pierce’s new EP Records on the Shelf comes out on February first, and let me tell you, it’s a must-listen!

James Pierce is an extremely talented singer/ songwriter in the Texas Country, Americana, and Red Dirt music scene. He has been writing songs for over a decade and trust me- you can tell! His lyrics are heartfelt and authentic just like any true Texas song should be.

Records on the Shelf features 5 new songs. They all instantly became favorites of mine! Here’s a sneak peek at what you have to look forward to.

“Monster”- “Monster” is a fun song about drug addiction. I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for songs about jail, but trust me. This slow soothing, tune with edgy lyrics is addicting. This song gives me William Clark Green's “Dead or in Jail” vibes, but with a side of remorse that isn’t touched on by William. It’s interesting to hear a song about a different side of addiction.

“One Good Lie”- OHHHH MAN DO I LOVE THIS ONE! This song about reflecting on life is relatable and so catchy. The chorus resonates with everyone: “I don’t fly as high as I used to, I don’t dream as deeply as I probably should, another trip around the sun, another year to get it right, give me one good story give me one good lie.”

“Records on the Shelf”- The title track to this EP definitely lives up to being the namesake. Any music lover will immediately love this one. I mean is there anyone that doesn’t relate to “records on the shelf reminds me of home?”

“Save the Dirt”- This sweet song about living while you’re alive is amazing. The lyrics “Save the dirt for the flowers ’till I return” is the perfect message. This song is my personal favorite.

“Your Friend St. Peter”- Lastly, “Your Friend St. Peter” ends this EP perfectly. The descriptive lyrics and remorseful, but learned messages show exactly what Pierce’s writing is all about. “Your Friend St. Peter” reminds listeners to call their parents, and to appreciate how far they’ve come from all the places they’ve been.

Make sure to check out Records on the Shelf Monday, February 1!

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