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Koe Wetzel Drops First Single From "Sellout"

Koe Wetzel gives us a peek at his next album title and artwork with the release of this single "Good Die Young". The release of this track comes a week after good buddy Parker McCollum released his new EP Hollywood Gold. The two bros always seem to be releasing music around the same time, trying to save 2020 with music side by side like two rockin' country music superheroes.

The "Good Die Young" track sounds somewhere between Koe's Noise Complaint album, and Harold Saul High album with a similar undertone of self-loathing, drugs, and danger.


Releases 11/20/20

Track List:

  1. Pre-Sellout

  2. Kuntry & Wistern

  3. Cold & Alone

  4. Crying From The Bathroom

  5. The Fiddler

  6. Lubbock

  7. SideChick

  8. Drug Problem

  9. Outcast

  10. Sundy or Mundy

  11. Good Die Young

  12. Drunk Driving

  13. FGA

  14. Post-Sellout



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