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Kolby Cooper Drops New Single "If I Still Had It"

Today Kolby Cooper dropped his new single "If I Still Had It" with little warning. Almost makes it even better, just feels like something special that just came into our lives out of nowhere. Those things are sometimes cherished the most. It's the unexpectedness of love that is highlighted in the song. Much like how the song came into our life unexpectedly, love can too. However love is so scary especially after having your heartbroken. Kolby goes through all the lows of moving on to breaking all of his bad habits and gets to the point where he could give his heart to someone new. He has gotten to the right state of mind, but the past is haunting no matter what you do to get over it. His somber line on the chorus, "I would give my heart to someone new, if I still had it" is so heartbreakingly helpless that I'm sure a lot of people can relate to going through a breakup and trying to move on.

Listen to "If I Still Had It"

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