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Kolby Cooper releases "Vol. ②"

The 21-year-old Kolby Cooper is a rising young star in country music. His songs are fueled by heartbreak, romance, and frustration. For being so young Cooper has the experience, wisdom, and talent beyond his years. He writes from heartbreak as seen on songs like "Curse October" (from the album "Good Ones Never Last") and "It Ain't Me" (from Vol. 1- EP). He then turns the corner and writes sorrowly hopeful songs like "Fall" (from the album "Good Ones Never Last") and "Every Single Kiss" (his first single).

Unlike the "Vol. 1 EP", "Vol.2 EP" is the first time Cooper has had co-writers on every song. This does not take anything away, the record perfectly fits his brand of music and his message. This volume is slightly more rock than the first volume but man I dig it.

"2 Words"

Written By: Jordan Walker, and Kolby Cooper

Is a straight breakup banger, with lines like "Kiss my ass go to hell, leave me alone I wish you well..." and "If you really can't tell were through then f*** you".

"One Night Stand"

Written By: Jordan Walker, and Trent Summar

Is a song where a guy comes home and his girl is gone, through all the shit he still never thought she would actually leave. So like most guys they think all they need is a one night stand with a random girl and that would make him feel better (really doesn't). The writing in the song though uses clever wordplay like "all I need is one-night stand" when placing an ad on Craigslist about furniture. "I need a couch, need a fridge, need a mattress..." which is quite funny and smart as hell actually, but all he really just needs is "ONE-night stand". The writing is very passive-aggressive and comes across as the guy actually wanting a one night stand when really he just needs all this furniture so he can start his life without the girl.

"What I've Got To Lose"

Written By: Brett Tyler, Hunter Phelps, Kolby Cooper, and Will Bundy

Is another breakup song about a girl taking everything. This one rocks, and mainly consists of the guy not having anything to lose so he just gets drunk with his friends and does whatever the hell he wants to because his girl is already gone. This girl took everything (including the two nightstands).

"If I Still Had It"

Written By: Jordan Walker, Kolby Cooper, and Ray Fulcher

Since being released as a single, this song has remained in my top 3 favorite songs released by anyone this year. This ones about moving on and letting go and how "I would give my heart to somebody new if I still had it". It covers all the "I should's" and "probably's" that a heartbroken person goes through after a breakup. Thinking about the next step in life and getting over someone, but essentially it feels like your just a shell of the person you once were.


Written By: Ben Burgess, and Kolby Cooper

Is a song about taking a leap of faith, "you might as well jump before you fall, cannonball". The song talks about how every road has an end, but you can't think about that. You cant let the end of the road hold you back, you have to enjoy the ride. You have to "keep your eye on the prize" and trust that the ride is worth it. "You can't get what you want by just sitting there".

This EP will be on replay for a long time. Judging by Coopers Tik Tok there's, even more, to come in the future. I am so excited to see where the career of Kolby Cooper goes next.

INCLUDING ANOTHER BABY GIRL IN NOVEMBER! We here at Country Underdog wish Kolby and his family all the blessings in the world.

Listen To "Vol. ②"

Article Written By Country Underdog Founder Reed McDonald

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