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Kyler Fisher Releases Touching Music Video

I recently stumbled across this video browsing on YouTube for talent. No matter what point in life you are at if this video doesn't make you want a little you then you aren't livin'.

About Kyler Fisher

Kyler runs the popular family YouTube channel The FishFam alongside his wife Madison Nicole. Kyler is also an actor and has been in Juarez 2045, Water, and Wild Horses, just to name a few.


Aside from making country music and being an actor, Kyler would become better known on his family YouTube channel, which he and his wife started in November 2016.

He and his wife's family vlogging channel has become widely popular, amassing over 4.2 million subscribers and growing. 

Family Life

He married Madison in April 2013. They have twin girls named Taytum and Oakley and another daughter named Halston. In August of 2020, he and Madison welcomed their fourth child named Oliver. 

Listen To His Music

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