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Lane Smith Debuts "Ain't It Crazy" Offical Music Video

We can finally see the fully painted picture in Lane Smith's new official music video to his latest released single, "Ain't It Crazy." The song was produced by Grady Saxman at Saxman Studios in Nashville, Tennessee and the video was produced by 613 Media. It's been a long time coming for this Underdog singer-songwriter from South Texas. I myself got to first discover Lane Smith in 2015 as he played at the Travis County Youth Stockshow rodeo on a flatbed trailer, but he's come a long way since then.

Smith originally made his debut in the Red Dirt scene in October of 2018 with his five-song EP "Honey" containing his song "Your Love" which got Smith some well-deserved attention. After the EP it seems as if Smith took some time to get his music exactly where he wanted before striking hard, we wouldn't hear new songs from Smith again until August of 2021 but since then he hasn't shown any sign of slowing down. The following month in September he would release his best-received single so far, "Longshot" that's landing him on some of the best Texas Country charts. The two singles have mounded to his latest released six-song EP "Lane Smith - Volume One" which tells us there is more to come soon enough. The latest release single "Ain't It Crazy,"released on April 1st, that no has his first official music video might be the first look at what we can expect in "Lane Smith - Volume 2."

This Underdog is on a fast track and it goes without needing to say why. Stream his new music, watch his new music video, and find out when he'll be near you. Get on the wagon early because this Underdog's career looks very promising.

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