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Logan Samford (Previously of Shotgun rider) starting his solo-career

Logan Samford (Previously of Shotgun Rider) is releasing "Lovin' for the Last Time", which is a great song written by Lubbock native Hunter Hutchinson.

When one of the great, young, up and coming country music acts broke up I was devastated. Knew every single one of their songs and had seen them in concert a few times. I couldn't wait for more music. That second time I saw them (It was a few months ago) it was easy to see that there was a rift forming between the two musicians. They were fighting for a reason I'm sure they wan't left a secret. A guy in the bathroom told me they were on the way out, about to break up. I didn't want to believe it. There was one thing I knew though, that if they did break up Logan (Samford) would still make it big, somehow. A voice like his is needed in country music.

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