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Logan Samford: You Can't Keep This Underdog From Rising

It is known that the music industry is not an easy place to establish a career. It takes extreme talent, professionalism, perseverance, years of studying the industry along with music, and many more elements to even have a chance. Even then, it still might not be enough to really make it but one thing is certain undeniable talent can’t be ignored and it always finds its way under the spotlight. This is exactly why 27-year-old Texas Country singer-songwriter Logan Samford has always made his way back under the spotlight time and time again.

Born on February 22nd, 1994, Logan Samford was born In Odessa, Texas but lived in Midland, Texas till he was 2-years-old then in Plainview, Texas until he was 6-years-old. After moving around a bit when he was younger, Samford finally settled down in Nazareth, Texas where he would grow up. Logan began playing guitar when he was twelve years old and shortly after he eventually started writing original songs. Prior to reaching a solo career, Samford has been known for his part in other very well-received Texas Country bands. His music showcases a unique blend of rock and country music from love songs to sad drinking songs. Artists such as Gary Allan, Nirvana, Ryan Adams, George Strait, and many more have made a big impact on the style Logan brings to the table.

Samford’s first appearance in the Red Dirt scene was with the band “Seven Miles South” which consisted of Justin Pickrell, Anthony Enriquez, and Chase Hatla. With “Seven Mile South” Samford made his debut into the scene in February of 2014 with their three-song EP “Resurrection.” The EP contained their hit song “Texas Rain” which has racked up over 16 million streams on Spotify alone. However, in 2015 the band had a different vision for the future of the band causing them to split up and leaving Samford to form a new group.

In 2015 — immediately after “Seven Miles Sound’s” disband — Samford would appear back in the Red Dirt scene with former band member from “Seven Miles South,” Anthony Enriquez, and together they formed “Shotgun Rider.” As “Shotgun Rider” in March of 2015, they released their first self-titled five-song EP which had their hit song “Dance or Drink” racking up millions of streams across major music platforms. With success, the group quickly got the attention of Music Executive Alex Torrez with Torrez Music Group. Together the group went on to release three more EPs, –“Panhandle,” “Whirlwind,” and “Sunlight”-- four singles –“Alone Tonight,” “Me and a Memory,” “Steady as She Goes,” and “Bottom of This Crown” – which accumulated into their album “Palo Duro” released on March of 2018. Through multiple releases, they experience much success and gained millions of streams, especially with the hit song “I’m Not Alright.” However, on June 3rd, 2019 – a little over a year after the album made its debut – after 4 years of success “Shotgun Rider” announced that their time as “Shotgun Rider” had come to an end and there Samford was back to square one.

It was no surprise that Logan’s journey as a musician was not over. After “Shotgun Rider” disbanded Samford decided it was time to pursue a music career as a solo artist. In August 2019 he made his debut as a solo artist with his single “Lovin’ for the Last Time,” produced by David Dorn and Alex Torrez. In the same year, with the same producer, he went on to release two more singles “In It for Your” and “Broke Heart” that would appear on his debut six-song self-titled EP recorded at Farmland Studio in Nashville in January 2020. Like I said earlier, undeniable talent can’t be ignored and it always finds its way– back– under the spotlight, and Logan Samford has proven this once again with this solo career.

Samford had success with “Seven Mile South,” “Shotgun Rider” and now as a solo artist. It’s safe to say you can’t keep this star from rising but I don’t think he’s going anywhere this time around nor do I think he plans to slow down anytime soon. In 2021 he released two more singles “Feels Right” and “Have at It” which he co-produced with Jared Lee French. Samford's stream numbers continue to grow and continue to put him on bigger stages as he gains more fans as a solo artist. His songs have made multiple appearances on the Texas Music Pickers playlist as no one can help but be drawn to his unique voice and superior songwriting blended within a rock and a country sound.

When you catch Logan Samford live you will notice the energy he puts off and feel the connection he has with his crowd. But when it's all over you will leave wanting more of Samford as he brings the full country package of love songs to sad drinking songs. It’s safe to say you can’t keep this Underdog from rising. I can’t wait to hear what more Logan Samford has planned for us as he is still so early in his career as a solo artist.

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