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Market Junction: Behind The Life & Music

Market Junction band Burning Bridges
Credit: Jason Allison

Ever since I found Market Junction I have been amazed by their writing, their sound, their production, and the messages they portray. The band’s most recent release, “Burning Bridges”, is a phenomenal album. Released on August 7th, the album has been a staple Country Underdogs’ our daily playlist. My favorite songs off the album are “Nebraska”, “Out of Love”, and “A Stone Will Sink”. No matter what mood you are in they are great tunes. Everyone with who I have shared the Houston, TX band with has fallen in love with their melodic, smooth, and folky sound. Matt Parish, the lead singer, has a sound that doesn’t immediately come across as country or folk. You might hear a mix Mandolin Orange, Townes Van Zandt, or even early 2000’s Train, The Fray, and the Lumineers in his voice. Backed by their own unique sound I can only compare it to more current bands Flatland Cavalry, Shane Smith & The Saints, and The Callahan Divide. I’m sure there are other comparisons but I truly think they are one of a kind. Market Junction’s “Out of Love” recently been nominated for a 2020 Country Underdog Award for “Best Music Video”, the production on it is really amazing for a band not signed to a major record label, it is definitely worth checking out.

Behind The Life & Music with Market Junction

Online Interview

Who is Market Junction?

"We are a folk/Americana band from Houston, TX that formed in 2011 and self-released our first record, "Heroes Have Gravestones" in 2012. We've cut our teeth in the honky-tonk bars and listening rooms across the state of Texas and are looking to expand our audience on a national level with our recent album release, "Burning Bridges"."

Who are your band members and what do they play?

"Matt Parrish is the lead vocalist, acoustic guitarist, and songwriter. Justin Lofton is on the electric guitar, mandola, lap steel, keys, background vocals, and is a songwriter as well. Taylor Hilyard plays bass guitar, and Michael Blattel plays drums."

Who are you inspired by?

Towns Van Zant, Guy Clark, Blaze Foley, Robert Earl Keen, Lyle Lovett, Amos Lee, Ray Lamontagne, John Moreland, Mandolin Orange.

What is your musical history? (When did you first start playing music)

Justin Lofton began his mastery of the fretboard in his early teenage years and went on to attend college in pursuit of a degree in guitar performance. Matt Parrish grew up wielding the pen instead of the guitar, writing poems and short stories in his school-age years until finally picking up the guitar at age 21. The two played in different bands for a couple of years but their strong friendship and love of folk music finally brought them together to form Market Junction.

What's the biggest problem you have had to overcome? 

Our biggest challenges have come in the form of a balancing act between family and career. We've been a bi-vocational band for much of our career and we all have wives and kids. It's expensive to make a record and properly promote it, not to mention balance a touring schedule that allows us to also be the husbands and fathers we need to be. Through all of the challenges, we've remained focused and are excited to take the next steps.

If you could change anything about the industry what would it be?

It's so difficult to make an income as an artist these days. I'd love to see streaming payouts to artists increase and for music and other arts to be valued by the consumer at a more intrinsically realistic rate. The problem is that music is everywhere and the access to it lacks any barriers, and therefore the consumer takes it for granted. This leaves the artist heavily dependent on touring revenue and merchandise sales. We are so incredibly grateful for folks who buy tickets and t-shirts and records. We literally couldn't do this without them.

What is one venue you dream of playing?

I'm not sure it could get much better than a sold-out crowd at the Ryman Auditorium. That would be a dream come true!

What do you do for fun?

We love to fish and hang out by a campfire on a cool night. Having as many kids as we all do, it's hard to break away to do much, outside of playing shows but we all spend a lot of time with the kids and wouldn't have it any other way.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We just released of our third full-length album, "Burning Bridges" back in August!


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