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New Aaron Watson Album 'American Soul'

aaron watson american soul new album

We have been blessed by Aaron Watson yet again with his majestical new album 'American Soul'. The 10 song album features 5 new Aaron Watson songs and 5 that were previously released as singles. Aaron Watson and his underdog cowboy mentality have always captivated and inspired us here at Country Underdog. Anytime this man releases new music it is an instant classic in our eyes. From his industry shaking album 'The Underdog', the mexican infused 'Vaquero', and his 2019 release 'Red Bandana', 'American Soul' is no exception in the long line of great Aaron Watson albums.

Track List:

  1. Silverado Saturday Night

  2. Boots

  3. Whisper My Name

  4. Best Friend

  5. Long Live Cowboys

  6. Stay

  7. American Soul

  8. Out Of My Misery

  9. Touchdown Town

  10. Dog Tags

Full Album Review Coming Soon

Listen to our new favorite 'Boots'

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