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New Music Friday | 05.01.20

Today's #NewMusicFriday featured a majority of "unknowns" to most people. With the exception of American Aquarium and The Cottonwood Crows. It was a great opportunity to give exposure to artists who could use it the most. Every one of the artists this week especially shows fantastic amounts of authenticity and songwriting prowess. In this hard time, stories upon stories are being shared and underdogs everywhere are shining.

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New Music

American Aquarium - Lamentations (Album) Start To Finish

Drew Kennedy - Let It Breathe (Single)

Cottonwood Crows - Seattle (Single)

Kylie Frey - One Night In Tulsa (Acoustic)

Cody Bryan Band - Coast Is Clear (Single)

Dustin Steen - Purpose (Single)

Trent Cowie Band - Drive (Single)

Arlo McKinley - Ghost of My Best Friend

South City Revival - Ain't Nothin' Changed (Single)

Contraband Revenue - Soo Damn Wrong (Single)

Dollar.98 - Living in a Neon Haze

Brenn Hill - Inside of a Church (Album)

Tanner Sparks - How Can I (Single)

Trenton Fletcher - Don't Drink The Whiskey (Single)

AJ Johnson - Empty Bottles (Single)

Follow Our "New Music Friday" Spotify Playlist HERE

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