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New Music Friday (Willie Nelson, Sturgill Simpson, Randall King, Curtis Grimes, Holly Beth & more)

It is another great #NewMusicFriday! We have the largest weekly updated new country music playlist. Make sure you go give the playlist a LIKE on both Spotify & Apple Music.

Full New Music List (Artists):

Willie Nelson

Eric Church

Sturgill Simpson

Danielle Bradberry

Muscadine Bloodline

Curtis Grimes

David Nail

Halle Kearns

Holly Beth

The Lowdown Drifters & Dalton Domino

Jacob Bryant

Jobe Fortner

Rob Bellamy

Randall Fowler

Jonathan Lee

Creed Fisher

Hudson Moore

Hicktown Breakout

Parker Ryan

Murphy Elmore

Matt Stillwell

Nate Botsford

Pony Bradshaw

Golden West

Steve Earle

Ashley Cooke

James Carothers

George Navarro

Cade Foehner

Austin Forman

Nick Norman

Harleymoon Kemp

Josh Kerr


Wesley Dean

Southern Justis

Chelsea Berman

After Midtown

Justine Blazer

J.R. Carrol

Tanner Sparks

Chris King

Stephanie Grace

Nate Botsford

Pony Bradford

Rocky Pleasant


Our Favorites (So Far)

1. Randall King - Around Forever & I'll Fly Away

From the album 'Leanna'

Randall King new album Leanna around forever i'll fly away

2. The Lowdown Drifters, Dalton Domino - Give up on the Dream


the lowdown drifters and dalton domino give up on the dream

3. Halle Kearns - Whatever You Do

From the album 'Finally'

halle kearns music new album finally

4. Sturgill Simpson - Jesus Boogie

From 'Cuttin Grass Vol. 2'

sturgill simpson new album cuttin grass vol. 2 volume jesus boogie

5. Eric Church - Doing Life With Me


eric church new song doing life with me

6. Curtis Grimes - Cowboy Constitution

From the EP 'Acoustic Collection'

curtis grimes acoustic collection from where im standing

7. Holly Beth - Break Your Heart


holly beth music new song break your heart

8. Matt Stillwell - Outta State Plates


matt stillwell music outta state plates

9. Randall Fowler - Coming Home (One Way Road)


randall fowler music coming home

10. Rob Bellamy - No Space Between

From the album 'Hungry Heart'

rob bellamy music hungry heart no space between


Thank you for reading! Make sure to follow the playlists! #theunderdogslivehere

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