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NEW Parker McCollum Single

Parker McCollum just dropped his first single since his 'Hollywood Gold' EP that featured the tracks Young Man's Blues, Like A Cowboy, Pretty Heart, Hallie Ray Light, Hold Me Back, and Love You Like That. I don't think fans will ever get enough of his heavy-hearted neo-cowboy songs. This new one is no exception. This song fits perfectly in the storyline of Parker's music. From a guy breaking a girl's heart in Pretty Heart to trying to live his life, move on and find himself, and now to this song To Be Loved By You. The guy has come full circle and understands how he may be hard to love but he is doing his best to hold her heart (her Pretty Heart) but there is still some kind of wall to breakthrough for him to be loved.

This is just my interpretation, shoot I could be completely off about where To Be Loved By You comes from, but that's what makes music so great.

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