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Palmer Anthony & Graycie York’s Duet 'Meet Me in Texas'

Palmer Anthony and Graycie York "Meet Me in Texas"
Photo Credit: Grady Coleman

Some of our favorites got together and dropped a killer love song.

Produced by Kerry West, Jaquire King & Justin Johnson. It really is a gorgeous song. Palmer Anthony's voice sounds as good as ever on this newest one. Pair that with Graycie York's voice, that "sounds as smooth as a baby's bottom" (Watch Palmers hilarious announcement video below) and its a song that seems destined to be one of the best this year.

Written by Connor Quinn, Gable Bradley, Justin Johnson, and Palmer Anthony. The songwriting is masterfully done.

The story is essentially about a long distance realationship between a boy living in Carolina and a girl living in California. (At first listen I pictured it as a text message conversation but thats just me).

"I bet that California sun, looks good on you"
"Well this Carolina moon, is comin' round soon"

I really like how the writers used imagery of the sun and the moon to set the scene. The song is full of clever ways to tell you a simple story while also giving you a peek into this couples longing to be together again. The girl can't get enough of living in California, and the guy is more than willing to drive all the way out there for the girl that he loves, but his old truck can't make it that far so he asks...

"Meet me in Texas, cut the miles in two..."
"If I left tonight would you go too?"
"I could leave now to see the sunrise in your eyes"
Palmer Anthony and Graycie York Meet Me in Texas
Photo Credit: Grady Coleman

Her response is yes by way of…

"its been awhile since I've seen bluebonnets in the spring"

Isn't that so damn romantic?



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