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Premiere: Creekland Releases Debut Single “Meant To Me”

Today we would like to introduce the newest band on the scene, Creekland. Led by front man Harrison Haney, Creekland formed at Oklahoma State University in August of 2020 and releases their first single tonight titled “Meant To Me”. Rounding out the band is Mason Bomhoff (Lead guitar), Caden Rhine (Bass), and Rob Borgman (Drums).

Phone interview with Harrison Haney

When did y’all come together, and what is y’alls backstory?

So, um, so we formed in August of 2020 so we’re pretty fresh. But before that, I did a lot of stuff by myself. Just a case of throwing together hodgepodge bands with some other people that I knew. But mostly we have all been together practicing every other day or so. Just trying to learn all the songs.

What can you tell me about “Meant To Me”?

So who meant to me is an interesting one? Because, when you compare it to a lot of the other music we do, it’s very night and day. This song is very forward and in your face. Rather than some of the other stuff we do do that is more easy going.

Meant To Me is a cool song, it’s a made up story about how a girl cheats on a guy. Pretty typical story but with a dark twist to it.

Overall it came from our lead guitarist (Mason Bomhoff) playing a bluegrass riff on his guitar. I was like, “That sounds really cool”. Then we played it on electric guitars with some heavy chords behind it, and I really thought it was something special so we went from there.

What can you describe as the feeling to release your first song?

Um, I would say before anything I’m very excited. It’s always been a dream of mine to release music. So this is a dream come to fruition for me. However, I think immediately after the release I will be very nervous, seeing how it does.

What are your favorite lyrics from “Meant To Me”?

There’s one line in the song that, uh is pretty aggressive and was sort of impulsive when I wrote it. The line says, “It took all of me not to grab my gun, and shoot him right where he was standing. So I grabbed a bat and caved his ribs in.”

I would probably never do that, but it was just an impulsive line that went with the story of the character that you see in the cover art.

What are your biggest influences as a band?

We try to find ways to keep it country, but sometimes you just can’t. So I guess we’re Rock Alternative. One of our biggest influences is Kody West especially his newer stuff. His album “Overgrown” is right up my alley.

So where did you write the song?

I wrote it in Stillwater, Oklahoma like pretty much all the songs I’ve written. Except for maybe a handful of them which have been written in the water.

What’s your favorite whiskey?

TX Whiskey, hands down.

[Full Interview Releases Later Tonight]


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