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Reagan Quinn & "Like The Wind"

Growing up in the heart of Texas as the daughter of a songwriter, Reagan found her voice early in life. She began writing songs at age 6 and continued to write hundreds throughout her childhood and teenage years. She won a national writing contest and $25,000 scholarship at age 15.

In 2015, Reagan signed with an independent label who produced her debut EP, A Girl Like That, but split over artistic differences in 2017. Disappointed in the manipulation of her songs, she felt a pull to return to her roots and the music that influenced her early years. This began her entry into Texas Country Music, and the release of her second EP, Texas Sky.

Released in 2018, "Texas Sky" is a simply recorded collection of songs written on the banjo and recorded in Reagan's home. The EP showcases her lyrical and storytelling ability. The title track won Reagan several songwriting competitions across the state, including opening the Starlight Music Series two years in a row.

"Texas Sky" and "Alcohol Makes Women Cry" were released as singles in 2018, with accompanying music videos. Four of the songs from the EP are set to be re-recorded and released in 2021, but are still available on all music platforms.

Although a Texas Country artist, Reagan's music and voice carry strong bluegrass and folk undertones, setting her apart. A music blogger coined the term "Vintage Country" for her music, and it stuck.

In addition to performing, Reagan owns Reagan Quinn Music & Movement, a children's music therapy program in Austin, Texas. You can read more about her work in music therapy at

Country Underdog interview with Reagan:

How did "Like The Wind" come to fruition?

About two years ago, my sister in law called me and told me she had a dream that she was watching me walk down the aisle. She said she couldn't see who it was I was walking towards, but she had all these things she wanted to tell him about who I was and what I needed. She wrote me a poem with some of those things, essentially saying, "You have to promise you won't try to tame her or clip her wings."
Those words hit me hard. I started thinking about how we are all born untamed and free, unashamed of who we are. Over time the world, people, and experiences take that from us. The words for the song just started pouring out of me and I wrote Like The Wind in about 15 minutes.

Where did you write the song?

I was visiting my parents when I had the idea, and went to my old bedroom to write it. It was perfect because I was surrounded by things that reminded me of my childhood, and the song is about rediscovering that part of yourself.

What are your favorite lyrics from the song?

"Many men have tried to break me, tie me down, and call me tamed. I'm still searching for the one who'll let me ride unreigned."
It's all referencing a wild mustang being broken and tamed. I think bad relationships do the same thing. Someone who really loves you doesn't want to tame you or take break your spirit.

What other information would you lke to tell us. about the song?

This is my first release in two and a half years, so I've been overwhelmed by the positive response and appreciate everyone who has listened. I'm excited for what's in store for 2021!

Are you working on any new music?

The lyric video/visualizer for Like The Wind debuts on Friday, and I'm releasing a live recording of Silent Night on November 30th that will be available on all music platforms.
Next year, I'm re-recording & releasing 4 of the songs from my Texas Sky EP, as well as more original music!


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Reagan Quinn Like the wind
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