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Reviewing the New Ransom Brothers Songs

If you haven't checked out my last article on the Ransom Brothers (psst- check it out here) you may have missed the completely badass single "Fear of Missing Out." However, if you're like me and live for southern rock and outlaw music you may have been waiting not-so-patiently for a new song. Luckily for you, "High Hopes" was released on October 1.

Anyway, I was sitting around when I got this DM from the amazing Ransom Brothers themselves. We set up an interview and I was completely blown away by their stories and writing. Not only are they incredibly talented, but also so humble and kind that I want to be their new best friend. They then showed me their two new upcoming singles and let me just say they are total bangers. I couldn't just keep these songs to myself, so here's the rundown of the new and unreleased upcoming Ransom Brothers singles to look forward to in the next two months.

High Hopes (Oct.1)

"High Hopes" is a southern rock n' roll blues song about life on the road. If you're not carefully listening to the lyrics you may have missed the line "she asked me how I got so skinny, said I've been stuck out in the snow." This song transports you to dingy bars and the fist-fight type of high-life in the best way. Despite all that, you would never guess where it was written. Sean McHargue of the Ransom Brothers stated that the song came to him while washing windows. He recalled thinking that all he had securing him was "good gear and high hopes," and with that "High Hopes" was created. "High Hopes" is out now so don't forget to download and stream it!

Part of the Show (Nov. 6)

I am a sucker for two things in music- good lyrics and a harmonica. This song was guaranteed to be an all time favorite before the line "kiss my ass and go to hell is just like hello" even happened. The part I initially missed however, is who said it. "Part of the Show" hints at a piece of a show that is less visible to the untrained eye- a groupie. From working out little kinks in the show to being "supportive" (read that however you please), groupies, or at least this one, was a "Part of the Show."

Kodiak (Dec. 4)

"Kodiak" is all about the story. "Kodiak" tells the story of venturing to Kodiak, Alaska and the journey four men went on for $10,000. The lyrics "if you're too married, or too old or too scared to face the cold, lock your door and hold your woman by your side. Don't complain when my boys come tearing down that rock, gold enough to buy this land far and wide" don't even begin to sum up how great these lyrics are. Now ready for the huge shock? This story is entirely fictional. I'm not proud to admit I spent some time googling Captain Montgomery trying to figure out why this man doesn't have a movie. While the great bear fight of Kodiak allegedly never happened, the message behind the song is true. There will be plenty of people in life promising great riches, yet sticking to your path and what your goals are is far more worthwhile. Get ready for the cold in December, "Kodiak" brings it all.

Every song the Ransom Brothers have put out is extremely well written. I know personally that I love their sound and cannot wait to see what else comes out in the future. "Part of the Show" and "Kodiak" will be released in November and December, but "Fear Of Missing Out" and "High Hopes" are available to stream now!

Check out the Ransom Brothers at these links!

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