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Ryan Wilcox & The Sunday Shakes

Red Rooster Reviews: About a month ago we discovered a band that since has moved their way up in our playlist. Ryan Wilcox and the Sunday Shakes are a heavy blues vibe band with some great writing. A self proclaims “cowboy of death in the night”, Ryan Wilcox leads this band with a strong voice that rattles your eardrums with deep raspy notes. He can transition straight into a glass rattling higher pitch to really show his range. Great talent. This guy has also been involved with Kolton Moore and his new album. So who is Ryan Wilcox and the Sunday Shakes?

Ryan Wilcox takes care of the guitar and vocals, Ricky Harris on bass, and Josh Banks on drums. Banks and Ryan met in preschool in good old Mineral Wells, TX. Talk about band chemistry! They met Ricky through his job as a bartender. This created an awesome friendship. When Ryan decided to put a band together, Banks was to natural choice for drums. Ricky came along later, after several other bass players quit, and Ryan scrambled for a bass player for a show. Ricky is such a talent, he learned all the songs in two days and has been with them ever since.

Ryan says they get their inspiration everywhere.

“Anything could inspire you, as everything should. As an artist of any sort, your task is to relate to everyone you can with your work. To make them feel known, alive. There’s no better way to do that than to let our common struggles and experiences inspire us to create. You just have to learn to pay attention.”

When it comes to fun, Banks is actually a professional wrestler in leagues around Fort Worth. For the most part they all like doing things outdoors as well.

As far as the future goes, Ryan hopes to continue this ride and make it a career. “We all love creating music and playing it for folks around the country. We plan to keep pursuing that dream without reservation.”

In March 2020 Ryan Wilcox and the Sunday Shakes will be releasing their 4th studio album.

“We are working out details on a European tour for the fall. Also planning a few videos and an acoustic EP. Just hoping we can get it all done!”

Big plans and big dreams for these guys. We wish them the very best and can’t wait to watch them shoot up the charts!

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