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Single Premiere: Triston Marez “Texas Swing”

Photo Credit: Brooke Stevens

We are one week away from the release of Triston Marez’s self-titled album. His first full length project following numerous singles and two EP’s “That Was All Me” as well as “Until I Found You”.

Leading up to the full album release Marez has dropped 3 singles, the Ronnie Dunn collaboration “Where The Neon Lies”, as well as “Two Beers on the Bar”, and “Cold Cold Night”. HOWEVER, he is not done yet.

We present to you “Texas Swing” which releases tonight (Thursday, April 8th) at 11pm CST. (Via Torrez Music Group)

Gabe Lee, who’s an incredible writer and artist, had written ‘Texas Swing’ with a different title. My manager – co producer Alex Torrez suggested we get together and make it more Texas centric. The end product sounded like it would be cool to add some accordion on it so we pulled in Able Casillas of Fort Worth based Squeeze Box Bandits to knock it out and he took it to another level. Jessica Dorn added her sweet background vocals and made it all come together. I hope all my South Texas fans love this. But I think the cowboys and cowgirls will love it too. It’s a song for everyone!” Triston Marez on “Texas Swing”

“Texas Swing” is a unique song full of classic country and Tex-Mex influences paired with Triston Marez’s clean new country sound. Triston’s grew up on 90’s country, being from Houston and coming up in the Texas scene before moving to Nashville. When it comes to “Texas Swing” we get all those classic Triston Marez influences with a big dash of Tex-Mex instrumentation. That is in big part due to the accordion, played in this song by Abel Casillas. The song has a lot of the same instrumentation and sound as Aaron Watson’s 2017 album “Vaquero”.

This song has a little bit for everyone to enjoy, “It’s a melting pot” as Abel Casillas put it. “As far as listeners, its for someone who likes country, and if you don’t really like country and are maybe more into Tex-Mex then its for you. People have a preference of what they like to hear, but I think it is all going to go over well with a lot of people. It is so well put together, produced with great vocals… and again I was so glad to be a part of it playing the accordion.”

“The accordion really pulls together an already great song, I think it just enhanced it and made it something unique. It’s not like something you normally would hear.” Abel Casillas (Accordion) on “Texas Swing”

“Texas Swing” by Triston Marez drops TONIGHT at 11pm CST

The Self titled full-length album “Triston Marez” drops next Friday (4/16) (Via Torrez Music Group)


Featuring: Abel Casillas (Accordion & frontman for The Squeezebox Bandits) Jessica Dorn (Background Vocals)

Written By: Gabe Lee & Triston Marez

Produced By: David Dorn & Alex Torrez


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