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Single Spotlight: Paul Rosewood's "Tennessee Water"

Paul RoseWood is a new rising country music artist, based out of Nashville, TN. He is blessed to be working with some of the best writers and producers in Nashville to bring new music to his fans in 2019. Thanks to years of touring experience, Paul captivates audiences all over the country by continuing to take his live performances to a professional level. In addition to his previous success, Paul has also just recently signed with Nashville Artist Development to advance him on his path to fame! Aside from his time in the limelight, Paul is just a simple backwoods country boy at heart.


Country Underdog: What's the backstory of "Tennessee Water"?
Paul: I wrote this song for every person who has wanted love and lost it! Maybe you gave someone a second chance and they still did you wrong. Doesn't it make you want to fade those memories with a drink of Tennessee Water (Tennessee Whiskey)? I know a few of you can relate. Please take a minute to listen to "Tennessee Water" and add it to your playlist, blog, radio station, or social media!!!! Thank you and I appreciate y'all.
Country Underdog: Where did you write the song?
Paul: This was one of those songs that was re-writen many times over. When I started the song back on my front porch in Ohio, I had no idea it would evolve into what it did!! I pitched the song to Jason Wyatt and Jeff Hodge we immediately went into re-writes. We re-wrote the song until we thought it was a hit. Sometimes you just have to call it done. Anyways the song started in Ohio and ended in Nashville.
Country Underdog: What is your favorite lyrics and their meaning?
Paul: "But she was too far gone, like fire on ice." This is one of my favorite lines in the song. It flows so well and I'm just sad I did not come up with the line. my fellow co-writer Jeff Hodge came up with this line as soon as he pitched it I knew that was the perfect line to end the 2nd verse. The line talks about the girl in the song and how she was too far gone in her ways of seeing other men. The man in the song doesn't want her back and compares her to fire on ice. She disappears to his mind like ice on fire.
Country Underdog: Are you working on any new music?
Paul: I am constantly writing and working on new music. But I don't have anything ready to release yet. I will just say, stay tuned and there will be more in 2021.
Country Underdog: Is there anything else you would like to add?
Paul: Do me a huge favor by downloading, streaming, and listening to it wherever you get your music. I am trying to get on Spotify's editorial playlist and Apple music's playlist and I need your help to get me there!! Which means, I need as many streams and playlist adds as I can.

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