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Stop and Smell the Wildflowers With Drew Haley

If you're looking for the most soulful songwriting- you're in luck! On October 2nd, Drew Haley released her new EP, Wildflower.

Drew Haley is a singer/ songwriter from East Texas. As one of the Highway Women, Drew Haley is known for her kickass country sound. Drew Haley's new EP is no exception.

Wildflower starts off strong with its title track. "Wildflower" is a beautiful story about personal growth and learning to love oneself. With lyrics like "Wildflowers can't be tamed, she couldn't bloom from a cage," "Wildflower" leaves a powerful impact on the listener.

"Fool to Remember" is the perfect country song. It's full of heartbreak, longing and unreciprocated passion. "Fool to Remember" showcases Drew Haley's powerful voice with lyrics like "people change I know, and feelings come and go, but losing you is my greatest regret." With this song it was truly hard to pick a favorite lyric- so listen to this one yourself ASAP.

"Mood Swing" is a fun song about the whiplash of being in a relationship. I love the use of the word "mood swing" for the highs and lows of a relationship.

"Listen to the Sound" shows off Drew Haley's beautiful voice as well. "Listen to the Sound" is full of advice such as "Listen to the sound of your beating heart."

"Whole Wide World" is a sweet love song. This upbeat song is the perfect closing to Drew Haley's EP. It shows off her love for music and the fun catchy music listeners should be prepared for in the future.

Make sure to check out Wildflower available now!

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