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The Definitive Ranking of Cross Canadian Ragweed Songs

In case you didn't know this October marks the 10 year anniversary of Cross Canadian Ragweed breaking up. And if you miss Ragweed like me and Koe Wetzel, it's time for a blast from the past. Here is the definitive ranking (or so I say) of the top 10 Cross Canadian Ragweed songs.

10) When It All Goes Down

"When It All Goes Down" is one of those songs that is so catchy, you almost don't notice the dark lyrics. For a song about the confusing drama of religion, the steel guitar is completely out of place in the perfect way. Even though I personally started out with no idea what "When It All Goes Down" was about, this is now one of my favorite songs to scream sing alone in my car. Welcome to number 10 on the list!

9) Bang My Head

Look, this song starts with the phrase "Let me tell you something, cucumber." The fact that I didn't make it number one exclusively for that is a miracle. That aside "Bang My Head" is the best song for blasting when you are really REALLY angry. "Bang My Head" is the ultimate catharsis and also one of the most underrated Cross Canadian Ragweed songs.

8) Kick In The Head

"Hey, I'm jaded" and I love a song about good old-fashioned misery. There's no other song that has ever said "with this roller coaster, bathtub toaster, kick in the head" and I hope there never will be. You can't redo legendary.

7) Jimmy and Annie

Oh man, I love a song about outlaws. Jimmy and Annie were just two young lovers who wanted to see the world and waste a little gas, if you ignore the robbing banks. But anyway, "Make 'em open up your ears and listen to your song. It doesn't matter whose right or wrong."

6) Lighthouse Keeper

I am 98% positive "Lighthouse Keeper" must have been written under the influence. However, this wild story about a magic carpet, unicorns, fortune tellers, and an evil lighthouse keeper is probably the most magical journey country music has ever had.

5) Cry Lonely

"Cry Lonely" is a song about loving someone who only wants you when they're lonely. "Cry Lonely" is a bitter but relatable jam that lands number 5 for being one of the catchiest Cross Canadian Ragweed songs there is.

4) 17

"17" is the song I feel like everybody knows- and for good reason! The lyrics are impeccable and honest. I hope everyone got to experience being 17 and "runnin' from your folks, runnin' from the law." If not, it's time for a trip back home for a redo. After all "you're always 17 in your hometown."

3) Alabama (Soul Gravy Version)

"Alabama" was the first Cross Canadian Ragweed song I fell in love with, so naturally this will always have a special spot in my heart. However, this song about missing an ex has stood the test of time. The song describes a girl sitting on her phone, waiting for a text and I'm pretty sure we've all been there.

2) Dimebag

"Dimebag Darrell God bless that man!" This song still hits hard with the lyrics "Bad news travels faster than any good news that you hear. Just one more dark disaster makes you wonder why we're here."

1) Boys From Oklahoma

Ohhhhhhh man. If you haven't spent countless hours watching live versions of this song including the one with Stoney LaRue, Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Jason Boland, and Bleu Edmondson go do that right now! Either way, this song about rolling joints has so many elite lyrics I couldn't even begin to start picking some to put here. Of course "Well I ain't no holy roller, so I just use a bong" definitely deserves an honorable mention. Seriously, this is THE best Cross Canadian Ragweed song of all time and nothing will ever compare.

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