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Thieving Birds Release First New Album In 7 Years

Thieving birds American savage new album

Over the years I have been a Thieving Birds fan. I first was drawn in by the southern rock and roll sound of "Too Young" and "Kentucky" released back in 2011 on their self titled debut album. Their next album Gold Coast (released in 2013) featured the great songs "Black Canyon Boom" and "Brother Ryan".

The band since 2013 had been quiet in terms of putting out new music, and judging by their Instagram they were touring and just living life! The band seemingly started to gain a bunch of traction back in 2016 when "Too Young" started charting in Texas. It was actually then when I first heard the Thieving Birds, I was a freshman in college out in Lubbock driving around and they came on the Radio. I immediately had to look them up on Spotify and I was instantly immersed in their music.

It has been a long wait for Thieving Birds fans... but American Savage is FINALLY here! This year they have dropped three singles, "My Sweet Baby", "Time Keeps", and "The Way That I'm Wired". THEY WERE ALL F***N JAMS. You can definitely tell that they spent a ton of time perfecting this album.

thieving birds new album instagram post

I mean back in 2016 they teased that this album was going to come out in 2017! Four years later it is out with minor artwork changes and fantastic melodies and stories.

Track List:

1. American Savage

2. Time Keeps...

3. The Way That I'm Wired

4. Ruin

5. My Sweet Baby

6. Honey, Honey

7. Oh! These Ghosts!

8. Somewhere To Run

9. Pockets Full of Gold

10. Start a War

1 1. Take It Slow


From @ThievingBirdsMusic today on Instagram

October 7th of 2010 we got up onto stage for the first time as Thieving Birds. A decade later we present to you our 3rd album ‘American Savage’
These past 10 years we’ve heard so many kind things from you all. Some of our greatest joys have been sharing our art with you, and making beautiful memories together playing, singing, dancing, growing.
Thank you from the absolute bottom of our hearts to everyone who has shared a song with a friend, sang along at a show or reached out to let us know what one of our songs meant to you... it’s made our skies sunnier and our hearts glow, let’s do 10 more years.
A few notes on ‘American Savage’
Erik Herbst @panhandlehouse did an amazing job as always... meticulously tracking, mixing, creating a beautiful palette for the ear and being a truly great friend and man. Without Erik and Marc Herbst and their wonderful families our lives wouldn’t be quite as complete or as beautiful.
Trevor Powell knew the parts before he heard the songs. I love listening to him play guitar and I’m so happy/proud I get to hear him play lead on this album. His tone and melody are always world class.
Milo Deering helped complete some of our proudest musical moments. His work in arranging and performing the string sections on several of these songs leaves me more in awe with each listen. A more musically thoughtful and personally kind musician may not exist. Thank you sir.
I heard Drew Harakal play on a session and knew he was the one to play keys on these recordings. The word thoughtful seems to abound with all of these collaborators and Drew is no exception. Smart and smooth, incredibly tasteful.
As always,
Rody Molder on Bass.
Beau Brauer on Drums.
Ace Crayton on Vox and Guitar.
We have such a wonderfully supportive system of friends and family too lengthy to begin to name here. You know who you are and you know we love you all so much.
Spread love.


thieving birds american savage new album country music

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