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Tyler Booth Releases "Palomino Princess" & "Already Got One"

Tyler Booth just released two new unforgettable tunes "Palomino Princess" and "Already Got One" Friday, January 8th.

Tyler has been seeing a ton of support for these new releases on TikTok amassing 77.5k followers and counting. Tyler teased "Already Got One" and people across the platform have been using the song to show how they "already got" a significant other. TikTok is a powerful social media platform and Tyler is using it to his advantage.

"Palomino Princess" was written by Tyler Booth himself, and "Already Got One" was co-wrote with folks Shane Minor, Phil O'Donnell, and Justin Wilson.

Booth recently signed a record deal with Sony Nashville. The future sure is bright for this young man.


Click to Stream "Already Got One"

Click to Stream "Palomino Princess"

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