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Waking Up Nashville - Cody Johnson's New Album

Cody Johnson has released his long awaited studio album, this time partnered with Warner Music Nashville. He has grown a crazy following of fans he call "CoJo Nation". CoJo nation through the years has grown exponentially due to his story telling, truth, and his unwillingness to surcome to the growing trend of pop country music in Nashville. Johnson has gained one of the biggest fanbases in country all on his own. He's done this by turning down many big record deals through the years, and producing the music he wants to produce. It shows in his music, his unwillingness to give in and change to what's popular on the Nashville charts in order to get play on the radio. His fans love how he always sticks to his roots of authentic music, family, his rodeo past, love, and Jesus. By sticking to his morals, and always putting on one hell of a show, CoJo became the first independent artist to ever sell out the Houston Rodeo (80,000 seats).

The only thing Johnson has been missing is consistent play on country radio primarily owned by Nashville. Instead of being a sellout fake country singer to gain pop country popularity, his independent success was finally recognized. Nashville finally woke up and gave this man a record deal he would accept. A 50/50 money deal where he still has full control of the music he plays, where he plays, and he gets to keep the music masters. "There’s been plenty of opportunities to 'get rich, get famous' over the years with a label deal that wasn’t right, and I just didn’t really care about it," Johnson says. "I think that mentality is what landed us a groundbreaking 50-50 partnership with one of the major labels in town. The only person that has the deal that is structured like mine is Kenny Chesney, and I think that speaks to the amount of thought and unwillingness to sacrifice what we had."

Mainly what Warner Music Nashville is doing is promoting him to a whole new audience. An audience outside of Texas. Cody Johnson is bridging the gap between Texas music and Nashville, something that guys like Josh Abbot, Aaron Watson, and Cody Jinks have struggled to do. Even great bands that have been around the Texas scene for a long time like The Randy Rogers Band have struggle to do so. Proving even more how special CoJo is. Cody Johnson has the power to be popular among everybody...kinda like George Strait...

Cody Johnson, Ain't Nothin' to It Track Listing:

1. "Ain’t Nothin’ to It" (David Lee, Leslie Satcher) 2. "Noise" (Radney Foster, Jim McCormick and Gordie Sampson) 3. "Fenceposts" (Robert Arthur and Benji Davis) 4. "Understand Why" (Neil Medley and Randy Montana) 5. "Long Haired Country Boy" (feat. the Rockin’ CJB) (Charlie Daniels) 6. "Nothin’ on You" (Barrett Baber and Trent Willmon) 7. "Honky Tonk Mood" (Al Anderson and Chris Stapleton) 8. "Monday Morning Merle" (Bart Butler, Lance Miller, Brad Warren and Brett Warren) 9. "Ya’ll People" (dedicated to the “CoJoNation”) (Chase McGill, John Osborne and Laura Veltz) 10. "Where Cowboys Are King" (Carlton Anderson, Brice Long and Wynn Varble) 11. "On My Way to You" (Brett James and Tony Lane) 12. "Doubt Me Now" (Casey Beathard and Mitch Oglesby) 13. "Dear Rodeo" (Dan Couch and Cody Johnson) 14. "Husbands and Wives" (live bonus track) (Roger Miller) 15. "His Name Is Jesus" (live bonus track) (Cody Johnson)

Though Johnson did not write the majority of the songs not the album like he normally does, he makes sure to only sing music he believes in and connects with. Music that goes with what he wants to say to the world. Music that needs to be heard.


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