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Ward Davis Releases "Black Cats and Crows"

There aren't too many genuine outlaw artists out there. Ward Davis, however, has proven time and again that he is as authentic as it gets. Last Friday, November 20, Ward released his third album Black Cats and Crows and oh man, was it full of outlaw bangers!

Black Cats and Crows opens with "Ain't Gonna Be Today." This honky-tonk heartbreak song is filled with electric guitar and longing lyrics. Ward's powerful voice singing "There's gonna come a time when I'll get back on my feet, stop letting her memory walk on me," has been blasting through my speakers all week.

The second song "Sounds of Chains" is equally outstanding. This song about a man who finds himself in jail after gunning down his lover's affair partner takes it back to where outlaw music began. I mean, what's more outlaw then doing time for love? This song has one of the most epic twists, when the speaker finds himself no longer waking up to the sounds of chains in jail but the sounds of chains in Hell after lethal injection. Seriously, this song is badass.

There are many more honky-tonk outlaw songs including the catchy "Get to Work Whiskey" and "Papa and Mama." "Get to Work Whiskey" is a fun drinking song about jobs and booze. "Papa and Mama" reminds me of a somehow darker version of Garth Brooks "Papa Loved Mama." In Ward's tale, the son of an abusive "Papa" finds himself ending his father's life. But hey, "Papa ain't hurtin' my mama no more," so there is that.

Ward also shows off his more soulful side with "Black Cats and Crows" and "Where I Learned to Live." Black Cats and Crows also features Ward's version of the popularly known Cody Jinks song "Colorado." "Colorado" was cowritten by Ward Davis and Cody Jinks. Both versions are stellar, especially when paired with such powerful, unique voices.

Ward's new album is a must-listen, so check it out now!

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