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Country Underdog Rebrands to "The Underdog"

Country Underdog is now officially "The Underdog". We decided to go in this direction to break down the barriers of only being able to talk about "country" music. There has been an explosion of artists that fit in the country space but are really more rock, or something else. This new name gives us the flexibility to support and write about a wider variety of great up-and-coming artists.

One thing stays the same, the horseshoe in our logo which will continue to be a big part of our identity. The horseshoe is symbolism for "dark horse" AKA an "underdog". Everyone has been an underdog before, everyone starts somewhere and has to overcome all kinds of odds and struggles to get to the top. We will continue to embrace that mindset and the artists on their way to the top.

You may notice us continuing our rebranding across platforms, our store, our podcast, etc.

Still the same pages, just a different username

Instagram username: @underdogmusicnow

TikTok username: @underdogmusicnow

Twitter username @theunderdognow

Be ready for more great years and great music!

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